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    Hi Guys,

    I know that there isn't actual support being provided for the bleeding edge releases but since I have tried A9 and now RC1 I have been getting oddly stuck when it comes to launching the game.

    As soon as I launch the game, it immediately closes and checking the logs it's checking for EscapeFromTarkov_BE.exe which doesn't exist as it gets automatically deleted as it's not required for this.

    Anyone happen to know the work around for this?

    I have Aki 1.5.1 setup and it starts without any issues even after using the patcher.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I have thought through various options but none come to fruition but I know that for some it just launches without issues as per "reviews" left when A9 was made available.

    They way I have setup the latest folder is just a straight copy from Live to a separate folder to install AKI just like previous iterations.

    Would like to help testing this :)

    Thank you so much, i was stuck on an endless loop on live tarkov and this fixed it. I wonder why changing the FOV fixes this?

    To my understanding something. Not sure if it's something done with bleeding edge or another server but I was able to set FOV up to 300+ which was weird. After that, I couldn't start the game. It seems the game doesn't know how to handle invalid parameters and gets stuck on loading.