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Download any EFT version outside of its official way can get you banned.
If we find out that you downloaded EFT on a pirate website you'll be banned without further informations.

You need to own the game and keep it installed on your computer to play AKI.

    This is a known bug from live, and it likely has several triggers (look for "hands lock" in the official EFT patch notes). I've experienced this quite a few times (mostly on 1.0.0 and 1.1.0, and much less frequently on versions since), and I "solved" it by paying close attention to what I was doing in-game so that I could narrow down when the bug kicked in, and what I had done that might have triggered it.

    My best advice is to pay close attention to what you do while looting containers/corpses, and then open your own inventory after you back out of each container/corpse to see if you can still right click things in your inventory. If you can still right click, then you haven't triggered the bug and you can move on. If it won't let you right click on things in your inventory, then something you did since you opened that last container/corpse caused the hand locking bug.

    In my experience, it seems to be caused by exiting the inventory/looting interface while a magazine load/unload action is still in process--once I noticed this, and I made a conscious effort to stop exiting out of the inventory/looting menu without finishing or manually stopping magazine loading/unloading, I went from having my hands lock every 2-4 raids, to having them lock maybe every 20-40 raids.

    I'll note also that my hands didn't always lock to the same degree--Sometimes it would just lock me out of the right click menu without preventing me from searching things. Sometimes it would lock me out of searching rigs/pockets/backpacks of corpses, but not static containers. Sometimes it would glitch out on one or two containers and then start letting me search things again but with my hands still partially locked. Very rarely, it would lock up my hands so completely that it wouldn't let me fire my gun.

    Also, a helpful bit of advice if it happens again and you need to eat/drink/med: Even if you can't right click on them in your inventory, you can often still use them by tying them to a hotkey, and then using that hotkey.

    I had the "getting stuck searching" issue happen several times on 1.0.0 and/or 1.1.0--It seemed to be tied to unloading mags in the container I was looting. Specifically, the issue seemed to be at least partly tied to exiting out of the inventory/looting screen without manually canceling the mag empty command. Once I stopped doing that, I went from having it happen about every 3-5 raids, to having it happen maybe once every 30th raid--usually when I got attacked while looting and didn't have time to stop the unload before exiting the loot menu.

    As for the hands lock on reload, I think I saw someone on discord report that he'd tracked the issue down to a glitched magazine. If you have the spare rubles, you might try just deleting all the mags you've been using, and buying new ones from vendor/flea.

    Also, if your issue is being caused by the fast/mag-discard reload, and not by regular reloads, you might try rebinding fast reload to something other than double-tap R.

    "my game crashes and freezes"

    First, what's your hardware?

    Next, does it happen on all maps, or only some? Are you able to run Factory reliably?

    Also, when you say "freezes" do you mean that your video freezes, but you can still hear sounds as if you were still in raid (e.g. you can hear your footsteps if you try to walk, and can hear gunshots if you try to shoot)?

    I had that exact issue on live last fall, and the culprit was my GPU (a GTX 1080 that got used hard for 4+ years--mostly Folding @ Home during winter). The best I can figure is that the turbo behavior of the GPU, when combined with the inconsistent but mostly low GPU utilization from EFT, would cause that GPU to try to turbo to unstable frequencies (because it thought it had sufficient thermal headroom), and then crash because the hardware couldn't handle those speeds anymore. The only map that would run without crashes was Factory.

    What is the use of changing IP and port?

    Presumably so that you can run the server on a different computer. That doesn't allow people to play in raids together (co-op), but it does allow you to offload a small amount of the CPU load to a different computer so that there's less load on the CPU running the client. That might have a positive impact on FPS.

    It would also allow multiple local users to connect to the same server (again, not to play in the same raids, but so that you only have to manage one set of mods, etc.).

    First, have you made sure to close out of the server and use the launcher to clear temp files (on the settings tab) between changes? If you haven't been doing that, that might be at least part of your issue.

    From there, after looking at the at the config, I think the default values mean:

    Base: 50% chance to sell when price is near the "average" price.

    Overpriced: chance to sell = base * .25 when priced above the "average" price.

    Underpriced: chance to sell = base * 2 when priced below the "average" price.

    So setting the price-based modifiers to 0 is likely going to make sure that absolutely nothing you list will ever sell, no matter how low you list it for. Try leaving base at 50, and changing the two modifiers to some arbitrary whole number (e.g. 5).

    Also, given that the time to sell seems to vary, it's likely that sales work as a dice roll that the server periodically recalculates. With that in mind, I'd start by leaving base and max alone, and only lowering min to 1.

    If you're using v. 1.1.0 server with client files from, that might be the problem.

    It says that it needs game version