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    I'm not entirely sure what the issue here might be, but if you suspect it might be related to this mod, the first thing I'd try (And what I'd try even if you don't suspect that, honestly), is to remove all your mods (temporarily), create a fresh profile, and run a test raid to see if you can extract without mods. -If you can, add them back until you can no longer extract. If you can't.. Try replacing your AKI_Data folder with a fresh version, and if that doesn't work, try a full reinstall of AKI on a fresh copy of your live EFT installation (After applying the downgrader patch, of course).

    Hey! Don't know if this happens to anyone else, but at times I can see the AI shooting at the sky, as if the recoil was so hard it makes them aim all the way up, I have not touched any of the recoil values in the config, so wanted to check if it's an issue on my side or if it's something that can happen/any possible fix.

    Aside from that this mod is great, feels like a horror show when you hear 5 russian voice lines rushing towards you.

    This is a known issue, hopefully one that I can lessen soon.

    I'm not sure what could be causing this, as the error seems to be occuring when trying to reference a file that should exist by default inside of AKI_Data. When the next update comes out it'll have something built in to bypass this error occurring, since it's not linked to a 'vital' part of the mod, but for the moment you're best off downgrading to 1.5.1 and using the 1.17.1 version of the AITweaks mod

    Fin added a new version:


    Fin added a new version:


    Version 2.4 for AKI 1.5.1

    • Price multipliers for several categories of items added to the config, and disabled by default.
      • This was accidentally included and enabled by default and also non-configurable in the previous version

    First off thank you Fin for updating this mod this mod is a must-have and I love it.

    Just to make you and everyone aware I have installed the latest version and took my time setting up the mod as I wanted but I have this message pop up in the local server executable that worries me slightly =

    I'm not sure what is causing this message to show up hopefully yourself Fin or someone else can elaborate on this, thanks in advance.

    That one should have been fixed as of about an hour ago, in version 1.17a (And there's 1.17b out now, because I let something even worse slip through by mistake, that also needed fixing x.x).

    Let me know if you're still getting that error on 1.17b, though, but looking at the line it says it's occuring on, it should be fixed ^^


    Looks like something weird's going on with some items in your item templates. -My mod runs a check that looks for any entries that are undefined (Which are all added by other mods, as far as I'm aware, since my mod only adds one new item to the game), and.. -It looks like you've got a bunch of undefined items in the bear, usec and raider inventories, which is weird.

    It's also not necessarily going to cause problems, since I've done what I can to build in failsafes that skip over undefined or otherwise problematic entries, but that error message is always going to pop up when you start your server. -If you want to mute it, though, you can open up mod.js and find the line:

    this.finalBotCheck(bot.inventory, {})

    and change it to this:

    //this.finalBotCheck(bot.inventory, {})

    Fin added a new version:


    Version 1.17 for AKI 1.5.1


    • All config options now have mouseover tooltips explaining their function
    • Behaviour of mid and high level AIs can now be altered
      • Options include "Super aggressive", "patroller", "balanced", etc.
      • Low level AIs cannot have their behaviour changed at present, for technical reasons
      • Options are inside the new "Behaviour" tab of the config editor
      • Option can be entirely enabled or disabled via true / false setting at the top of the "Behaviour" tab
    • Various internal reworks
    • Improved the behaviour of "Evenly spread spawn locations" option
    • Spawn fixes
      • More bots should spawn overall, compared to previous versions
      • Sniper scavs should be more common (For real this time)
      • Eliminated a bug that could prevent PMCs from spawning
    • Difficulty tweaks
      • AI is a little more accurate on the first shot
      • AI is less accurate while moving
      • Significant changes to AI recoil

    Hello, I've been encountering multiple scavs with pmc gears and I don't really know how they have those when I had the changeGear to false already. They're also really that aggressive. I also get these weapon mod errors:


    Those errors are normal, at present. I may find a way to get around them in the future, but they aren't harmful.

    As for the bots, are you sure those aren't raiders? -Check the colour of their armbands, green armbands mean they're scavs. Yellow or white is raiders.

    That seems to be referring to item mods within the game, not mods for SPTarkov.

    Can you paste your full error log here in a spoiler, or link a screenshot?

    hey how do you edit the spawn values and the difficulty? I cant open any of the files in the config.

    Im stupid with computers

    "config editor.exe" will let you edit the base config without needing to open the files, but if you're going to open the files, you'll want something like notepad++ to do it with. Then you just change the entry values around, and try to keep in line with the general formatting, ie: If something is written in square brackets, with quotes, and commas separating the things in quotes, then keep following that pattern if you change the entry. Look up "JSON formatting" if you need more information on that, though.

    Hi Fin, i downloaded the file but Windows Defender flag it as a Trojan. Has this happened before?
    Thanks for the amazing work anyway :)

    I thought something like that might have happened, since it's a random .exe that accesses and edits another file. Sadly, there's not much I can do to change that with my current level of programming expertise, but you can always modify the config the old-fashioned way, if you're concerned.

    Glad you're liking it though ^^

    It says there have been marksmen and I did get 1 on woods.....but I haven't seen them on customs or shoreline for some time.

    That looks fairly normal, but I'll run some tests this evening and make sure there's nothing weird happening with marksmen scavs.

    Ah thanks that helped, i see the values, yeah they're set high like to 750 which i wanted a vanilla exerience so i set it back down to the normal. Also, does your mod mess with scav runs? I havent killed any scavs and im being hunted by them. Not sure if its yours or if its ereshkigal configurator, or bread and butter.

    Is that just normal part of aki for scavs to hunt you during a scav run?

    I'm not sure what it does to scav runs, actually, that's something I haven't tested. -I'll add that to the list, though, and see if there's anything weird happening there.

    Suddenly not seeing sniper scavs anymore, even though I have "remove sniper scavs" set to false.

    Here is a list of mods I'm using, not including Profile Editor, in case there might be a conflict somewhere.

    Can you check your donottouch/debug/~spawnOverview.json file, and confirm that the "Marksmen" entries all say you're getting none?

    I gave the scav 75 damage lol, no worries i should of worded it better.

    Aha! -Okay, got you. Well, let's see..

    If you open up src/mod.js, and ctrl-f for the line: else if (["bossbully", "bossgluhar", "bosskilla", "bosskojaniy", "bosssanitar"].includes(i))

    You should find some code just below that, that begins with: /* console.log(`

    and ends with: `) */

    It will be spread across eleven lines.

    Delete the /* and */, and that will tell the mod to start printing out all the health values for the various bots, so you can double-check that you've got the right ones. -Also, since mods load in alphabetical order, you can change the the name of my mod's folder to something that starts with a 'z' to make sure it loads last. This will ensure that if something else is changing bot HPs, you'll still be able to see that increase.

    Tried it, and gave 75 to a scav, swear i hit him all in the face. Does the SP show ammo delt to armor?

    When you say 75, what exactly do you mean? -Did you put '75' into one of the config options? If so, that, ah.. Would have given them 75x their normal health.

    And I'm afraid I don't know exactly what the post-raid screen considers to be 'damage dealt'. I know it counts things like fragmentations as extra hits, and other strange things, however, so it can at times be misleading.

    Not sure where to post this, but in general bot health is insane. I literally dumped 22 rounds into one just for them to one shot me, they took 727 damage no armor. Not sure if its a bug or part of your mod. not sure why it would tank 727 damage without dying

    Both vanilla AKI and my mod buff PMC health, but other bots are left alone. Check the "Healing" section of the config (Difficulty tab) for options related to that.


    Those errors are usually caused by a bad item being added in somewhere. You should see if (A) the error occurs on a fresh character, (B) see if the error occurs if you remove this mod, and then (C) see if the error occurs if you remove ALL your OTHER mods (So this mod is the only one in your mods folder). Doing these three things should give you a better idea of the error's source: If it's a problem with your profile (If A fixes it), with my mod (If B fixes it but C does not), or with another mod adding a bad item or interacting with this mod in a weird way (Any other combination).

    Fin added a new version:


    Version 1.16 for AKI 1.5.1 and 1.6.0


    • Added a new config editor (config editor.exe), to make navigating the basic config file easier and more convenient.
    • Added a new config option to spawn all waves in a raid at the start of the raid.
    • A few small miscellaneous tweaks to how the mod runs.

    help me!

    If Fin's AiTweaks mod is applied, the health value cannot be modified. Is there any solution??

    There is, actually. -If you go into Aki_Data\Server\database\globals.json, and look for PlayerHealthFactors, any values you enter into the 'Maximum' settings will be applied as the new player defaults.

    I'll add that information to the readme, too, since it probably should be in there.

    Fin added a new version: