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Download any EFT version outside of its official way can get you banned.
If we find out that you downloaded EFT on a pirate website you'll be banned without further informations.

You need to own the game and keep it installed on your computer to play AKI.

    Hey after a few custom runs i noticed no boss spawn so i downloaded Freecam mod to look around. After the fifth round with freecam i gave up. I tried Lua CP Spawn Rework and finaly Boss spawned but every boss could spawn on the map so not the best thing i want to keep it classic. Also Lua CP Spawn Rework is a good mod dont get it wrong i couldve edit Boss spawns but the npcs are so strong with this mod even when i changed it some nps one tapped me but i noticed only the guards/boss one tapped/sprayed me down and i had diffuculty on normal Oo and i dont realy want to edit everything so only the right boss will spawn and i prob f... it up when i edit it

    So if som1 can help me to get boss spawn working would be pretty awsome :)