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BACKUP 0.12.10.(2).12102
  • It's not supposed to, but it's possible I've accidentally introduced a bug or something. -When you open up donottouch/debug/bigmap_bosses.json, is there an entry present that says "BossName": "bossBully"? If so, what does it say for that entry's BossChance setting?

    Here is the information in the bossBully section.


  • Fin added a new version:


    Version 1.11, for AKI8, B.. Whatever. 1.1.0

    • Armor, primary and secondary weapons can now be given to bots based on relative rarity (calculated off of a combination of the item's ingame price, and it's spawn chance) instead of ingame price. This should mean more interesting but low-level weapons in the hands of scavs, using the default settings. No more legions of scavs with nothing but AK variants.
      • This has both a maximum, and a minimum value
      • This value works linearly. Setting it to [0, 50] gives you all the weapon, armor, or whatever else. Setting it to [0, 25] gives you half the lower half, [25, 50] gives you the upper half, etc.
    • The 'changeBots' config entry now allows users to specify which class of AI they want a given type of bot to receive. Most people probably won't want to change this, but for people who want to make, say.. Gluhar's raiders as good as PMCs, without making regular raiders any better, you can do that now.
    • Difficulty tweaks.
    • Config tweaks
      • The 'intended' difficulty setting is 'easy', at the moment. Using the default config settings, 'impossible' is intended to be nail-bitingly hard, and due to the way things get scaled by the mod right now, that means 'easy' ends up being about what I'd prefer 'medium' to be.
    • Some other changes I'm probably forgetting.
    • Bugfixes
  • Any reason why factionIdentifiers is set to true but no AI are wearing arm bands?

    Here is my modlist (any other tips or conflicts I don't know about would be appreciated too!)

    I mentioned this in the main comment thread as well, I think, but ABL is the culprit. If you look through ABL's bot entries, and change the 'chance' value for AmrBand to 100, that will fix it. I'll also put up something that should get around this on its own shortly.

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  • Fin added a new version:


    Version 1.12 for AKI 1.1.0 (And probably 1.2.0)

    • Added granular spawn controls via an advanced spawn config file
      • It is not necessary to use this file, and it is disabled by default.
      • Explanations of how it works can be found inside the file itself
      • It's not as complicated as it seems, but I don't have any plans to make it more user-friendly. It exists purely for those who want to be highly specific with how their bots spawn.
      • It is recommended that you use Notepad++ to view this file. I've done my best to use tabs to keep everything neat and orderly, but I can't guarantee that other programs will display it appropriately.
    • To clarify functions, useNewSpawnSystem has been broken up into two options, both disabled by default
      • spawnPMCsAsBosses enables the spawning of PMCs via the boss entry, instead of the regular wave entry. This seems to help them work as a unit.
      • breakUpSpawnWaves contains the functions that broke up spawn waves to improve control over the exact number of bots that spawn
    • More difficulty changes
      • Difficulty feels like it's in a good spot again, but there are still some tweaks to be done for higher difficulties

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