stuck on local game starting

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    As the title states i get stuck on local game is starting when i try to scav run interchange, woods, shoreline, and customs. i have done fresh installs and that has not worked

  • I'm also having this issue as well. I only have FixItemSell and the one for Fixing Insurance, but had the issue before adding mods too. Only factory works.

  • i am currently running 1.5.1 now until this gets solved. i use my scav runs to set the bot spawns and test them and not being able to test those maps is ruining it for me

  • Since no one knows what's up with this is commenting, I'll just say that you might be able to fix it by playing an earlier version of sp-aki. Otherwise, it will probably be fixed in later versions.

    Personally, I now ignore it, and mostly play pmc. The singel player is not hard enough to warrant playing a lot as a scav anyways imo.

  • I managed to get 1.6.0 working but with the constant issues I just couldn't take it anymore so I reverted back to 1.5.1 and after a couple of discussions with others I managed to get it working again (big shout out to the people that helped me!), it's not too difficult to setup without adding mods straight away I should add, also playing as Scav is absolutely pointless because you should be focused on getting your PMC levelled up until we get the 12.11 update of course.

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