Does 12.10 barter items spawn on the map?

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    After SPT AKI updated to 14.X i`ve heard that new 12.10 barter items normally spawn at there official spawn place.

    so i`d checked couple of times on interchange to find thermite can but i couldn`t.

    but i could found the ratchet wrencht in the tech crate.

    since i can`t find the specific change log for 14.0 ver i guess the new barter items only spawn at the stashes not on the map like andurious QoL config mod.

    need help for this!

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  • From what I've read and experienced, no. You need to use a mod. Andrudis QoL Configfurator. There are also a few items that aren't in the vendors, I'm waiting for my activation email to come so I can post the item IDs and missing items to the dev board.

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