Game crashes after attempting to Start a Raid.

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    After logging in and attempting to start a raid the game loads everything even including the loot but then crashes without an error report. The server.log continuously repeats [9d3fbd90a7660a6cc1913e12][] /client/notifier/channel/create. I have no clue what went wrong. Please send help.

  • Most likely you've generated certificate key and moved folder, or something else.

    1)Easy one

    in Gamefolder/user/certs delete both certs and keys

    Launch server again with admin mode and try to play again, (getting in character menu is enough to look for server and see is notifier is still spamming)

    2)Complicated one

    Open Command Prompt (Windows key + R)

    inside of it enter : certutil.exe -f -addstore Root <yourgamepath>\user\certs\cert.pem
    Here's an example if you feel you need one:
    certutil.exe -f -addstore Root D:\Games\Tarkov\user\certs\cert.pem
    Be advised CMD should run in admin mode to do the thing.

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