Continuous menu crashes.

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    SPT-AKI 1.0.0-B1
    Game client version
    Client log link…ZNVdEWZxEAiT468Mpo81H21KQ
    Server logs link…NSgEgPgcYoz1tFSurPk6xSSHw
    Have you read the FAQ ?
    Have you downloaded SPT-Aki on ?

    Hello I will be using a translator, I hope it is easy to understand my writing, I am Brazilian, I will write as formally as possible. (In my language).

    I just wanted to report, an event with a new STP-AKI after two invasions, going back to the initial menu, I'm having problems with small locks every time I move an item from its respective location, I also realized that, everything is blocking for a hundredth and vice versa, continuously.

    Another mistake happened when I went to subdivide the box behind the old gas station, as soon as I clicked, he kept looking forever, I couldn't subdivide anything else.

    I don't know if this is the right place to say it but I hope so!

    Can I continue to report bugs like this? Or somewhere else?

    Thanks in advance, for the work you are doing STP is amazing! :)

  • Hello, sorry if I wrote something wrong and I didn't understand what I was writing, but I'm not having problems with the black screen but with performance even after two raids, the game starts to lock up a lot in the menu, when I go to the inventory, it continues crashing every second and when I try to start a game, "Starting a game location" appears and nothing happens.

    It must be because of the Beta, I just wanted to report the error even though I know it will be resolved in the future!

    I do not speak English :(

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